The son and heir reputation worship ring of Nozdormu After destroyed, green bronze dragon union will give you a new one free of charge in front of time holes. If you want to change another type of ring, you need to hand over the original ring and some beetle tasks props after worshipCheap WOW Gold.Karazhan and Mount Hyjal reputation ring Worship, a lot of people have had, but most of them are afraid to destroy in WOW Buy WOW Gold. If you have better rings can destroy them at ease. NPC will give you the kind of class ring that you first choose WOW Gold.For mixed careers want to change new rings, and sometimes you are unable to replace it you not destroy. For example, a holy knight chose the treat ring, and cost fifty gold to replace the treatment ring for dps one and took a blue ring when he played disciplinary Aion Gold. NPC required him to use that treatment ring to change the new defensive ring. He only had dps ring and was unable to do the tasks. In fact, he can only destroy the dps ring all right Aion Power Leveling.