Este juego es estilo Wario Ware Inc. con un gran número de microjuegos. Muy divertido, para esos momentos que quieras jugar algo rápido :D


+ 70 micro games in the Crazy Test to complete
+ 40+ achievements for you to unlock
+ 3 game modes for you to explore
+ OpenFeint enabled
+ Dynamic difficulty to keep you on your toes
+ Shuffling micro game order to keep things fresh
+ Challenge your friends through OpenFeint
+ Online leaderboards


++ The Crazy Test ++
The test will take you through 70 micro games to see just how wacky you are. You start with 2 lives and gain an extra every time you complete 5 games in succession. Advance in the test to unlock games and increase your score by completing as many as fast as possible. Are you crazy enough to complete the test?

++ Survival Mode ++
In survival mode all your unlocked mini games are thrown at you in random order and with increasing difficulty. You've got one life before it's game over. How long can you stay alive?

++ The Mini Games List ++
Every micro game you've unlocked is available in the games list. Here you can pick and chose specific micro games and try to unlock their associated achievements. How many can you unlock?

What are you waiting for? Get playing!

What's new

- Added leaderboard and challenges to arcade mode
- Rearranged title screen and renamed game modes
- Added game mode descriptions
- Reduced app size to below 20MB
- Optimized OpenFeint performance on title screen