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    Hack The Planet v1.0.1

    Les dejo este buen juego Con buenas gráficas en 3D, trata sobre footbags, o mejor conocidas como hacky sacks. Para jugarlo tienen que dejar apretado cualquier lugar de la pantalla y cuando la bolita aparezca por la barra de la derecha sueltan el dedo para hacer el movimiento indicado. Les dejo la descripción en inglés.

    Embark upon a mystical and haphazard journey across the world, as you
    take on the persona of Baloni Man - a free spirited individual on a quest to find meaning in life through the only thing he knows: hack.

    Take to the skies and encounter 8 mysterious wanderers of our planet who will push your hacking skills to the absolute limit! From Canada to South Africa to Australia, people all across the world are getting ready to Hack the

    Play in 8 different countries and across 6 continents in World Tour Mode! As you conquer your opponents you will unlock their special hacks and abilities, in an effort to become the world’s greatest hacker! With 16 special abilities and 8 hacks available for purchase at the smoke shop, there are many challenges and adventures ahead!

    As you defeat your worldly rivals they will become playable in Freestyle Mode, where you can test your hacking skills against people across the world through the Online Leaderboards. Dazzle your foe with a flurry of techniques including jesters and spin kicks in order to best them in a three round game of hack. Perform well enough and you will stop time and enter into a celestial state of mind and hack circles around your opponent!

    With over 70 hand-drawn images and 10 beautifully constructed arenas, Hack the Planet is the first immersive and engaging hack game exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With simple one finger controls you can enjoy the action anywhere.

    The time has come to leave the grind behind, and open your mind to the world of hack. Let Hack the Planet take you on a mad adventure across the world and show you what the Earth really has to offer!

    What's new in v 1.0.1

    - Updates to UI graphics, fonts, and game icon. Also fixes for some minor graphic bugs.

    - Updates to the control scheme allowing you to press anywhere on the screen to hack

    - Adjusted difficulty to make the game feel more balanced for new users.

    - Fixes for various bugs which will slightly improve performance on first gen hardware.

    - New camera code for smoother coverage of the action while playing.

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    Gracias amigo por el aporte, pero por favor cuando tengas un rato pasate por tu perfil y actualizalo, y de paso hazte con un avatar para que a todos nos sea mas facil identificarnos.
    De nuevo gracias y nos vemos por aqui ciao....