Buen juego de plataforma. Es la actualización para el juego que postee anteriormente.

Guide DynamoKid as he tries to collect as many stars as possible. Clear a path, remove baddies, destroy hazards and debri, and make DynamoKid jump ! Platform gaming for the touch-age!

What's new in v2.1.0

- A new interface, easier to navigate, and more space on screen
- A level select screen: As we add more and more worlds you will be able to take a route to play the levels you want, so from this screen you will be able to see where you have been, and where you can go!
- Load and Save options: The game is getting bigger, so some loading and saving between levels should help you actually visit all the worlds in the game
- Vulcano Island: As mentioned, a complete new world is added to the game. It has new dangers and nice new visuals
- Music! : Many people asked for it, so here you go, some nice background tunes while running!
- Visual enhancements
- Audio enhancements
- Small speed changes so the game is more playable