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    Frankfurter Frenzy v1.0

    Aquí les traigo este buen juego floreado por mí. Buen juego donde debes dispararle mostaza a las salchichas que corren como locas.

    The Game
    Simple, squirt mustard hit Frankfurter. Do this before he reaches the end of the counter and you guys will be buddies forever. Pickle waits for another day.

    The Story

    You are mustard, Yep you are. There's no explaining it you just are. You and Frankfurter met over seas in the old country when you very young. This is where you formed a strong bond and the story begins. Pickle was a regular companion and he reminded you of another time. You and Frankfurter discussed his many attributes.

    During this time you also met a professor of complicated psychology in the lunch box and you had long discussions there concerning such matters. Unknown to you at the time you were becoming a learnt individual on the subject. You will need these skills to help Frankfurter avoid shame and embarrassment which would end a life of pride and family tradition.

    Frankfurter is 100% beef and beef by-products, the perfect foundation for a corn dog and it is this that troubles him. This matter is causing him to suffer from panic attacks. It is up to you to calm his anxiety.

    Now it is time to use your skills and shooting properties.

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    Pues muchas gracias.
    Lo probaremoos.

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    no uses la palabra c r a c k e a d a o c r a c k o cosas de esas que el rastreo está a la orden del dia.

    Gracias por el aporte!!!