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    Hollywood Hospital v1.0.2

    Buen juego, de esos clásicos que tienes que atender a la gente antes de que se acabe el tiempo.

    -Works on the iPad-

    "I really enjoyed Hollywood Hospital. It's one of the most challenging time-management games I've played"

    "if you're looking for some quick and easy fun, this is it!"

    "crazy addicting and tonnes of fun, definitely an app you'll find hard to put down"

    There’s trouble in paradise. A virus has broken out and transformed Hollywood’s residents into larger than life movie characters, with Rambones and LockJaws roaming Sunset Boulevard. It’s up to Dr Mathers Storm, award-winning Surgeon at Hollywood Hospital, and his ***** team of super-smart medical experts to diagnose, scan, treat, prod, poke and cure the not-so glamorous patients. Get them comfortable, diagnosed, treated and discharged fast enough for you to make it onto the red carpet.

    Join the beautiful H!TV news reporter Priscilla Powers as she guides you through the doors of the world famous institution. Use your time-management skills to help Dr Storm and the team to treat each patient and part them from their not so well earned cash.

    - Manage and build up your very own hospital in glitzy Hollywood
    - Treat wacky diseases inspired by classic movie characters like Rambone and LockJaws
    - Cure your patients with unique and hilarious minigames
    - Add new wards to your institution; 6 extensions available
    - Enjoy frantic time management gameplay over 35 levels

    Latest update available now! This fixes the black screen issues when loading.

    What's new

    - Fixed the loading bug that occurred for some OS 2.2.1 users where some users were getting a black screen.
    - You can now speed up the staff at the start of the level by tapping them. They return to normal speed once everyone is in place.
    - You can exit the success animation of mini-games early by tapping anywhere on the screen.
    - Tweaked the descriptions of machines in the shop to make it clear that upgrading them makes some mini-games easier.
    - Added in-game hints and level-specific tips from the reporter to introduce new features.

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    18 jun, 08
    Es para ipad o vale para iphone?