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    SurvivorX v1.2

    ★Unique Shoot-em-All action game with RPG elements★

    What is SurvivorX?
    Are you thirst for best dual stick arcade kill'em-all game?
    Tired of boring games? Tired of heavy thinking even while you're playing a game?
    For you guys, we offer you our brand-new dual stick arcade game : SurvivorX.
    SurvivorX will provide you a real taste of killing enemies.
    Each weapon and skill will give you different joys : Not just different power and sound.

    - Various unique upgradable weapons.
    - Various unique upgradable skills.
    - Various monsters including bosses with unique attack patterns.

    "Totally Cool The Best iPhone Game Ever!!!!!!!!! - I give you Five Stars. SurvivorX is one of the best Kill-em-All game. Controlling the hero was extremely exciting experience..." - US Store reviewer.
    "A great game with even more potential! - This is a damn snazzy dark fantasy themed dual stick shooter. A great variety of weapons and skills to customize your character and very fun animation!..." - US Store reviewer.
    "Aweeeeeeeeeeeesssssoooooommmmm!!! - Aweeeeeeeeeeeesssssoooooommmmm !!!!!!!!" - US Store reviewer.

    New Updates are coming!
    Update v1.3 is coming soon!

    - v1.3 Update (Expected to be released in July)
    - iPad support : New user interface and control will be supported for iPad!
    - This will be an universal app, which means you don't need to pay it again for iPad!
    - OpenFeint will be added with numerous achievements!

    - Numerous unique game features are in our to-do list. Please cheer us up so that we can stick to the plan!
    - Achievements and new ranking system with social gaming services!
    - Hardcore survival mode.
    - Interactive map objects such as destroyable rocks, traps, and power-up items.
    - Whole-new upgrade system including unique weapons and more exciting character customization.
    - Many unique monsters with their own attack patterns and graphic/sound effects!

    Our goal
    Our goal is to make the BEST kill'em-all style iPhone/iPad dual stick arcade game.
    Show us your interest with reviews, tweets, and also by purchasing this game.
    We'll keep trying to reward you back with the *BEST* quality game updates.

    Contact us : Give your opinion directly.
    We always appreciate and value of your words.
    Please feel free to drop a word directly to us.
    Especially tell us what you REALLY want for next updates.

    Web :
    Twitter :
    Email :

    Survive to the end, beating out crowd of various enemies.
    No need to think deeply. Moment of trigger, enemies will be blown away and fall down.
    The only things remaining will be their blood on the ground and superb impact feeling to your fingertips.
    Money earned from fallen enemies will make you stronger. Buy and upgrade various unique weapons and skills.
    Enemies will also get stronger with their own unique skills and attack patterns.
    To survive to the end, it is the only mission given to you.

    Thank you for your interest.
    - Zenuxlab Team.

    What's new

    - New Hero: "Mage" added.
    - With powerful and stunning weapons and skills.
    - Unique 6 weapons & 12 skills are added.
    - Twitter publication uses OAuth for stronger authentication.
    - Several bugs fixed.

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    gracias por el juego, disculpa por mi doble posteo pero con lo del nuevo buscador muchas veces no me salen los post ya realizados.