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Tema: Los mejores 1380 Juegos y Aplicaciones para android [2011][WU]

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    Los mejores 1380 Juegos y Aplicaciones para android [2011][WU]

    1380 Android Paid Applications & Games (2011) | 3.2 Gb


    Esto incluye:
    abcOrganizer.v1.6.3.apk 652.7 KB Abduction 1.2.6.apk 1.3 MB accudial_v7.2.apk 281.9 KB Act_1_Video_Player.v2.7.0.apk 109.5 KB Advanced_Task_Killer_Pro_v1.7.6.apk 48.1 KB Advanced_Task_Manager_v4.0.1.apk 166.2 KB aevumobscurum_v1.0.12.apk 2.5 MB Afile_V1.20.apk 1.3 MB aFirewall1.9.0_Chinese_version.apk 301.4 KB aHome v3.1.0.apk 988.1 KB AirDropLite_1.0.1.2.apk 487.1 KB aiSystemWidget.1.1.0.apk 385.5 KB Akinator_V2.apk 1.9 MB Alarming_Alarm Clock v2.2.0.apk 637.5 KB aLauncher v1.30.apk 309.4 KB Album Art Grabber v1.1.5.apk 31 KB albumartgrabber_v1.1.5.apk 40.2 KB aldiko.bookreader.premium.v1.2.9.apk 1.2 MB allin1calc.v1.6.apk 208.6 KB alock.apk 973.2 KB aloqa.apk 676.9 KB always flash v2010-03-26.apk 16.3 KB AlwaysFlash_ver10.02.21.apk 24.9 KB Android Chm EBook Reader Pro version 2.1.5.apk 229.3 KB Android IRC v1.6.6.apk 102.3 KB Android.-.Fishin.2.Go.v1.1.5.apk 877.8 KB AndroidMate_ver1.0.6.apk 159.1 KB Androids Fortune v1.5.apk 383.5 KB AndroidSOS.apk 24.7 KB AndroMote Pro _1.2.3.apk 278 KB AndWobble_V1.9.apk 306.2 KB AntiBody (1.8).apk 406.6 KB AnyCut-OpenHomeEdition.apk 28.6 KB AnyRSS.Readers.Widgets.V3.4.apk 141.4 KB apndroid.apk 19.9 KB App.Protector.Pro.v1.18.apk 234.3 KB app_install_v2.0.2.apk 59.7 KB AppControl.v1.4.11.apk 217.6 KB AppControl_v1.4.11.apk 217.6 KB AppJoy v1.1.apk 176.9 KB AppManager Pro _1.1.0.apk 39.4 KB AppProtectorPro.v1.18.apk 234.3 KB AppsDesktop 4 v4.15.apk 672.2 KB ArmageddonSquadron_ver1.06.apk 8.4 MB Armored_Strike_v1.12.apk 1.4 MB AroundtheWorldin80Days.apk 787.3 KB Asphalt 5 v3.0.8.apk 6.8 MB Astraware.Solitaire.v1.1.0.apk 3 MB Astro File Manager _1.3.13.apk 500.8 KB aTAKEphONE_v1.10_b008_.apk 180.3 KB au.com.phil.abduction1.1.7.apk 1.5 MB audio manager widget pro_ver 1.2.5.apk 350.2 KB Audio_Hack_v2.2.1.apk 554.2 KB audio_manager_pro_ver1.2.4.apk 291.8 KB AudioManager Pro_v1.2.4.apk 291.8 KB audomanagerpro1.1.apk 303.1 KB autolockv2.0.apk 34.7 KB autostarts.v1.5.0.apk 111.3 KB ESTO SON ALGUNOS JUEGOS 3 Kingdoms TD- is the classic Tower Defence with new gameplay. You and your hero to go to the Battle of the Three Kingdoms. Angry Birds- a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Mobile, in which a player using a slingshot to shoot birds Armored Defense Lite (Beta)- military arcade with excellent graphics. Assassin's Creed- All known game Assassin's Creed. In this game you can develop the patience and skill to accumulate skills. Astral Commander- Space arcade game, in which, controlling robots, you must build towers to repel an enemy attack Avatar 3D- The game will take you to interesting and fascinating world that is beyond your imagination. Bebbled Lite- an exciting and beautiful puzzle game for Android. You need to find and remove the balls from the playing field a similar color Burning Tires 3D- In this mobile racing with fantastic graphics, you are invited to ride on the most dangerous places on the planet Crystal Defenders- addictive game in style turrets Dante THE INFERNO- video games in the genre of slasher with elements of role-playing game Dark Area Lite 3D- Lite version of the 3D first-person shooter for powerful handheld device. DynamoKid Touch- arcade classic character toys EA FIFA 10- an excellent 3D football from Electronic Arts is now on Android European War- Strategic toy.
    Expands its forces on land and at sea, dive into Europe 19 centuries Farm Tower- arcade on the physics of which you need to help safely descend from the high towers baby animals Forest Runner- a game about the conqueror of the jungle Fruit Pirate (3D)- cuts fruits and earn points. GT Racing Motor Academy- one of the real and the most realistic racing simulators.
    Guitar Hero 5 Mobile- Famous console game Guitar Hero is now on your Android Gun Bros 3D- real 3D-action game in which (as befits the genre), you have to destroy the hordes of enemies in a non-stop Half-Life- a video game in the genre of sci-fi first-person shooter. Haypi Kingdom- the massive online game about the Middle Ages

    Get 1380_Android_Aps_games_Pack.part1.rar on Wupload.com

    Get 1380_Android_Aps_games_Pack.part2.rar on Wupload.com

    Get 1380_Android_Aps_games_Pack.part3.rar on Wupload.com

    Get 1380_Android_Aps_games_Pack.part4.rar on Wupload.com

    Get 1380_Android_Aps_games_Pack.part5.rar on Wupload.com

    Get 1380_Android_Aps_games_Pack.part6.rar on Wupload.com

    Get 1380_Android_Aps_games_Pack.part7.rar on Wupload.com

    Get 1380_Android_Aps_games_Pack.part8.rar on Wupload.com

    Son 8 links 7 de 450MB y 1 213MB esto esta una rar / zip o carpeta incluye las apk instalar y archivos de la tarjeta sd de datos, o la APK APK instalar y la clave de activación para habilitar la versióncompleta.

    Si desea información sobre el uso AppBrain algo o simplemente poner el nombre deAPP + Android en Google y encontrarás lo que estás buscando. 1380 pagado Juegos Android plicación Full Download rápido instrucciones: poner la APK. en su tarjeta SD, insértela en el teléfono.

    Luego, vaya a la configuración, aplicaciones, y luego configurar el teléfono para permitir la instalación de fuentes desconocidas. Después de eso, ir al mercado con Android, el gestor de descarga de archivosgratis astro. Abre astro, busque la APK. En su tarjeta SD y toque. A continuación, debería haberuna opción para instalar.

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