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    MEGASTUNT Mayhem v1.0

    MEGASTUNT Mayhem v1.0
    Requirements: Android 2.2+
    Overview: Are you ready for the next level of stunts?

    MEGASTUNTT Mayhem is the perfect action sports game that mixes racing, showmanship and total destruction into one thrilling experience.

    Do you have what it takes to perform unbelieveable stunts with some of the world's most extreme trucks?

    These trucks are unmatched in raw power and pure awesomeness! They will electrify crowds and gain loyal fans with the right driver...are you the one?

    Successful performances will generate hard earned cash which is then spent to enhance these amazing machines even further!

    Are you ready for the next level of stunts?


    - Take your Truck to the Stadium to begin your Freestyle career for FREE!!!
    - High-flying, high-speed, high-octane, Monster Truck Extravaganza!!
    - Perform outrageous and over-the-top nitro-fueled stunts!
    - Push the limits of your Trucks by enhancing the Performance Stats!!
    - Expand Your Career with Destruction and SmashPoint DLC spectacles!!!
    - Invest in DLC Trucks which will give you the edge in the Global Rankings!!
    - A variety of Trucks are available with different mechanics and visuals!
    - OpenFeint Achievements!!
    - OpenFeint Leaderboards!!!
    - OpenFeint Cinematic Event Replays!!

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